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If YOU are truely an AMERICAN, in the proper process of becoming one, or wishing to become an American, … Then you must mention to all on TWITTER to PASS the WORD to LISTEN for the sake of our AMERICAN Combat Veterans, Pass the word on TWITTER and tell all, … LISTEN to


SuperMaxRadio.com is the first Internet Radio Station dedicated to serving all U.S. Combat Troops and War Veterans both Stateside and Overseas. We play the “Worlds Greatest Music”, featuring updated Military News with information targeted to assisting all Troops, Combat Veterans and their families, past and present throughout the entire world!

“The Max n’ Morning Show” with your Ol’ buddy Max Kinkel & co-host Al Ferrari.

Enjoy great shows and Audio Podcasts coming to you from “The Land of The Free & The Home Of The Brave!” Only from the Country, People all over The World desire to belong to, to be FREE, the Greatest Country In The World: 

The United States of America

SuperMaxRadio.com the first International Internet Radio Station can be heard in cars w/ WiFi. so you can hear. SuperMaxRadio.com, …  24 hrs a day. If your car is prior to 2008, everyone wishing to hear SuperMaxRadio.com can listen on your SmartPhone through your Car Speakers with an *Adapter.  We are committed to serve US Combat Troops – Marines-Navy-Army-Air Force-Coast Guard and all war veterans, with Military News and Vital Information desperately needed for Combat Vets and their families …

“All Gave Some – Some Gave All

SuperMaxRadio is unlike ANY other Radio Station you will ever hear, currently SuperMaxRadio.com is looking to hold in the immediate future a “LIVE” call in “Talk Show” Sunday Mornings from 9am-12noon. A 3 hour “LISTENER” call in program directed at the needs of Combat Veterans with (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. On this 3 hr program will be those people who create Policy and can Change the “Wrongs, to Right” that means people from the Senate, Congress and yes, even the person who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, … 

 “The White House” 

SuperMaxRadio.com is for Veterans, targeted to assist all Veterans and their families, past and present throughout the world. Where America and all their citizens, and those legally applying to become Americans believe this above all, Memorial Day is to Remember our “Honored Dead”, … Remember, Freedom is NOT … FREE.  Those who made the Supreme Sacrifice for us all to continue to live FREE as Citizens of … 

The United States of America


I’d like to take a moment to
personally welcome you to my official website MaxKinkel.com.

You may remember me from my radio days back at ‘The Big 8 CKLW’ in Detroit, the Motor Cities, a station that reached over
62 million listeners with a powerhouse signal blanketing

28 States and 4 Provinces in Canada every night! I also became the first entertainment reporter for NBC-TV with the first of many famous interviews, “KISS” still on “You Tube” all these years… and on this site as well.

Then came CBS 101.1 FM in New York City, where your old buddy “The Max Man” hosted All Night Radio for over 13 years, later moving to AOR station WXRK FM. I eventually switched to Talk Radio, where I enjoyed communicating the topical news events with all my loyal fans.


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